The Pledge

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This week’s college submission is sizzling hot! It features three incredibly attractive co-eds from their sorority who decided to have some fun with a pledge from one of the brothering frats. These girls had full control over the poor pledge, and they definitely made the most of it!

They took the pledge under their wings and stripped him down, turning the situation into a playful and kinky game. But let’s be honest, with these four smoking hot co-eds, being treated like a dog wasn’t such a bad thing at all!

The pledge was in for a real treat when they offered him a chance to experience pleasure like never before. The catch was that he couldn’t get hard while they indulged in some steamy girl-on-girl action. Now, that’s a tough challenge for any man, but this pledge was up for it, and he managed to keep his composure.

As the girls passionately explored each other, he stayed cool and collected, ensuring he stayed soft until the right moment. And his patience paid off big time! Once they were done with their intimate play, he got to enjoy the company of all four stunning co-eds, one after the other.

It’s safe to say that this pledge’s dedication to the challenge was well rewarded. He got to experience the pleasure of a lifetime, all thanks to these daring and seductive sorority sisters. This is the kind of college adventure that dreams are made of!